RSS Gadgets Version 3.0

RSS Gadgets V3.0 has been upgraded to a new major version.

If you were not familiar with what RSS Gadgets can do for you. Here is some information:

-It is an RSS aggregator that helps you display products from eBay, Amazon and Clickbank
on your websites.

Based on keywords that you chose, your website will display relevant products with your affiliate
link embedded.

-In version 3.0 you can now take feeds from sites, such as Goarticles, Twitter, Google News.

These feeds add new content to your site automatically.

So, in short RSS Gadgets adds:

  • Amazon AWS Feed (HOT)
  • ClickBank Marketplace Feed
  • Ebay Partner Network Feed (HOT)
  • Google News Feed (NEW)
  • GoArticles Content Feed (NEW)
  • Twitter Content Feed (NEW)
  • YouTube Video Feed (HOT)
  • Powerful Aggregation Engine (NEW)
  • Fully Automated – Set and Forget
  • Simple Configuration in Notepad
  • Use on ALL of Your Websites!

Visit the RSS Gadgets page.