Why You Should Use Article Bot

Article Bot is a software that submits your articles to the article directories. Article directories have the reputation that they get visits from the search engine bots severalĀ  times a day. Depending on the page rank and thus the popularity of an article directory, the number of visits by the search engines rises to hundreds of times a day for high Page rank article directories, such as Ezinearticles.

What benefit is there for the person who submits the articles?

The real power can be found in the back links that authors put in the bio box at the end of the article. So, a well structured bio box is very important. The author will put a text-hyperlink in the bio with the main keyword of the article as the text. Example: if the main keyword is ‘design purse deals’ then the link will look like : Design Purse Deals while linking to the website that you want to send traffic to.

Some article directories will demand to link to the root directory, but in most cases it is better to link to the right category you want to target. Example: if you link to the root category, you will put in


But if you want to be more specific, you’d better link to the category you want to send traffic to, because you will have more chance to rank higher for that specific keyword phrase. Example:


In most article directories you are allowed to use 1 or 2 links.

Why use Article Bot?

Article Bot is a very powerful software that speeds up the process of submitting articles to hundreds of article directories. Imagine that you have to submit an article to hundreds of article directories by hand. Wouldn’t it be easier to create an article once and let the process of submitting happen automatically? You would be able to focus more on writing even more articles and so send more traffic to your website.

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